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TimeZone Automobile Detailing is a one-stop-shop for all your car detailing needs. We have the expertise to make your car look and feel new.

TimeZone Automobile Detailing Overview

TimeZone Automobile Detailing is a detailing company that offers a diverse array of services tailored to the clients’ needs. Founded by professional auto detailers,TimeZone has been providing high-quality detailing services since 2009 to the Grand Rapids area residents. The business is committed to keeping clear lines of communication with clients so that they fully understand the process and are satisfied with the results.

Since 2009, we have constantly kept ourselves updated with the latest automobile detailing products and techniques. So, whether it is a single stain of coffee on the car seat or a full detail restorationIrrespective of the service,we at TimeZone Automobile Detailing are available to make your car feel new.


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Full Auto-Detailing (Inside & Out)

Make your car look the way it is supposed to!



These are the most requested services from our clients.

Full Detailing

The full detailing service will make your car's interior and outside look new. Looking for a comprehensive package, then this is the right option for you.

Interior Detailing

Completely rejuvenate the interior of your car and remove stains and odors. We also do high-quality leather and vinyl conditioning.

Quick Detailing

When you are short on time, this is the option for you. A quick detailing service that will give your car a quick once over.

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